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“Suicide Squad” May 6 us

Suicide Squad full movie may 6
While we have to wait until 18 August 2016 Germany, starts “Suicide Squad” already today August 5, 2016 in the US. There was yesterday August 4, 2016 even previews while the first record was broken. $ 20.5 million were taken, according to Deadline in these preliminary screenings. This is the best result, which ever a movie previews in August succeeded. Beaten is calculated competitor Marvel. “Guardians Of The Galaxy” played in advance previews $ 11.2 million a in August, 2014.

One thing is certain already that “Suicide Squad” will break another record of “Guardians Of The Galaxy”: The record for the best opening weekend in August Monday morning will focus on the rogue troops to Will Smith at the latest. At around $ 140 million estimate experts currently revenue during the first weekend. “Guardians Of The Galaxy” still currently holds the August record with just $ 94.3 million.

In Warner but you have to hope that “Suicide Squad” does not start only strong, but also long runs well and is well received in the rest of the world. To report the experts of the Hollywood Reporter that the income of the pure film would have to amount at the end of a total of 750-800 million if this is deemed profitable. “Suicide Squad” as a trade mark but should discard earlier profits, eventually you will also earn a few million with merchandising.

On the way at 750 until 800 million no revenue from the now second largest cinema market in the world will come to the way well. According to the current status, there is no approval of the Chinese authorities, the comic book adaptation must not run in China so. That’s when the sums that have been implemented in China now, a setback. For comparison: “Batman V Superman”, the $ 166 million grossed by the way in the United States on the first weekend, took around 95 of the total of $ 872.7 million revenue in China.

Who incidentally, is wondering whether he go to the movies maybe can save yourself, because on Blu-ray as in “Batman V Superman” anyway still takes a longer version, so should not be expected. In an interview with our colleagues from Collider director David Ayer made it unmistakably clear that the cinema version also his “Director’s Cut” is. As already transpired finished Warner indeed own versions of the film for test demonstrations at, in the cinema but runs Ayers version. Although there were still plenty of other material, but on this Ayer has deliberately in his own words: “This is one of the most difficult tasks in writing, shooting and directing a film. You have at the end of these orphans, you love her, there are great scenes in which pass great things, but filmmaking is a dictatorship and not a democracy, and just because something is cool and charismatic, it does not mean that it survived the final cut. The total flow of the film is the supreme master. “So Ayer renounced himself on scenes that he liked, although that would have but broke his narrative tempo. Among them are probably many appearances of the Joker as Jared Leto already betrayed. Director Ayer anticipates the way so that certainly more than ten minutes to be of additional material on the home theater publications – but as an extra, as deleted scenes and not in a new cut.

Updated: August 5, 2016 — 7:13 pm

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